Jann Fergus Managing Director

12,189 Days at Fergus

The Matriarch of the Fergus Team is Jann who has the role of Managing Director; she says she finds it difficult to believe that it has been 32 years since it all began in a shed out past Walkerston. While never expecting to reach the milestone ’30 years’, without Garry’s presence, Jann still loves the industry she fell into. Jann is our ray of sunshine; our source of wisdom and stillness. We can always rely on her to tell it how it is and give us a bit of advice; whether we want to hear it, or not. Jann and her 3 children are and will always be a driving force behind Fergus.

Winter or Summer?
Summer in NZ, Winter in Australia

Dream travel destination?

Hobbies/what do you like to do on the weekend?
– Exploring new places
– Sunday night dinners with friends
– Hanging out with my kids
– Checking out live music venues/concerts

Favourite musician/band?
Van Morrison

What is something that you never thought you’d do, but have done?
Surfed in Hawaii