Nathan Borg Residential Manager

Days at Fergus

Through his 20+ years at Fergus, Nathan has tried his hand at all aspects of what we do, starting out on work experience, working on the first double Storey car park at Canelands. His easy going personality as well as his integrity and work ethic have guided him through his journey from apprentice to Residential Manager. Nathan now steers our Residential Team and thrives at the challenges of the ever changing housing industry. He is always willing to give any of the team a hand, teach them something new and definitely have a laugh along the way. The way Nathan holds himself physically; upright and upstanding, is how he lives his life.

Winter or Summer?

Tea or coffee?

Beer or wine?

Hobbies/what do you like to do on the weekend?
– Time with Family
– Fishing
– Catch up with friends

Favourite Celebrity/s?
Jonah Hill/Denzel Washington

Favourite musician/band?
Jack Johnson & AC/DC