I’ve been attempting to write a testimonial for Fergus Builders the last five months that I have lived in my amazing new home. Every time I write something, I feel as though my words don’t give them anywhere near enough credit as they deserve, but I know I need to share my experience, so here goes;

To put it simply, I am so blown away by absolutely everything and I could not recommend Fergus enough!

Some people might say that I’m biased, as I was a Fergus employee prior to building with them. In saying that though, when you are spending the amount of money you do to build a home, you really need a builder that you can feel comfortable with and put your trust into, especially if it is your first home! I have always been so impressed by the quality of Fergus workmanship that I would not trust any other builder to build my home.

I went for a custom design,which you would think would be extremely difficult and stressful, however the process went so smoothly that i could not fault anything about it. The choice of suppliers that Fergus work with also offer exceptional customer service and quality products. Not once was i pushed into making decision that i wasn’t 110% happy with.

Everything was organised prior to them starting construction, including my selections, meaning that nothing got held up and I had no unexpected costs pop up along the way. I was kept up to date with everything while me home was getting built – there was never a moment where I didn’t know what the plans were.

It took less than four months for my home to be built! It’s now been five months since I moved in and I can safely say that there is absolutely nothing that I would change or would have done differently.

I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to Nathan, Vanessa, Scotty, Greg and the rest of the team. I’m so in love with my home and I cannot thank you guys enough.

I’ll see you when I build my next one 😉

– Alyssa Cockings